Purified Metal Company is driven by innovation. The main goal of Purified Metal Company is the realization of a factory for the recycling of asbestos contaminated steel scrap. This is an innovative and patented process. The final product is a premium raw material that can be used by steel works in order to make new steel products. 


The circular process converts hazardous waste into a premium raw material. During the process the asbestos fibers will be destroyed and are no longer a danger for humans and the environment.  


The method of Purified Metal Company is safer for humans and for the environment because the material will no longer be deposited in special landfills but will be converted into a premium finished product. In most cases the asbestos connected with steel does not have to be removed which minimizes the risk of fiber emission. This prevents workers from getting in contact with fibers and furthermore creates a cost advantage. 


To realize a factory, several steps and different researuch phases are completed. The different phases are being executed by international most prestigious enterprises specialized in the field of asbestos inspection, metallurgy, environmental regulation and engineering. This consortium makes it possible to develop the factory on industrial scale. 



Inspection, demolition asbestos removal are activities that are being executed by different players in the asbestos industry. These paties and property owners are enabled to recycle their contaminated material in a circular manner by cooperating with Purified Metal Company. Purified Metal Company willingly cooperates with parties that are active in the asbestos industry.  



The present methods are aimed at selective removal of asbestos. The asbestos contaminated object is cleaned as well as possible. This is a costly and time consuming process during which asbestos waste is created. If the object can be declared free of asbestos after cleaning, it can be sold as clean raw material. In many cases this level is not reached. Therefore, the material is still hazardous and must be deposited in special landfills after all. The circular process of Purified Metal Company makes it possible to recycle asbestos contaminated steel scrap and is cheaper than dumping on landfills.